SPANK - San Francisco's Hottest Spanking Party!

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You must be over 18 and fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter this event. Prior to being allowed to enter the party, the COVID-19 safety protocol for all guests is to:

  • verify with a California digital vaccine record that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • have their temperature checked.
  • take a rapid COVID-19 test at the door.
  • remain masked throughout the party except when actively eating, drinking or engaging in oral play.

If a guest's temperature is elevated or their rapid test is positive for COVID-19 they will be disallowed entry and receive a refund of their ticket. The cost of the test is non-refundable.


About SPANK!

Almost everyone has incorporated spanking in some form into their kinky bag of tricks. SPANK is a pansexual celebration of that erotic art of spanking - from sensual sensation play to butt-blistering beatings, and everything and anything in between. At SPANK we provide an inclusive space where people of all experience levels may explore, learn, connect and play. While spanking is the focus of the night, only your imagination can limit the kind of fun you have at San Francisco's hottest spanking party!

We invite you to join in the revelry at SPANK! Bring your creativity, your energy, your awesome self. This party is a perfect way to celebrate your love of spanking at a fun party. See old friends, make new ones, and play the night away!

Wicked Grounds will be bringing a ton of toys, etc. to vend at SPANK. Be sure to check out their table for all kinds of fun gear!

Here is what you can look forward to at SPANK:

  • Ice-breakers to help you connect.
  • House tops - come and get a spanking courtesy of our friendly and experienced house tops!
  • Savor the delicious spread for when a different kind of hunger strikes.
  • Toys & gear - Wicked Grounds will be vending!
  • Atmospheric vibes in a unique community dungeon space - the newly expanded Catalyst provides a great backdrop to a night of spanking fun.
  • Outdoor social and play areas - for all comfort levels.
  • Feeling welcome and accepted - this party is for adults of all gender identities, sexual orientations, relationship configurations, ethnicities, body types, roles, and experience levels. We expect all attendees to honor the diversity of the spanking and BDSM communities, and will not tolerate behavior or language to the contrary at SPANK.

Prepaid tickets are highly recommended for lower prices and to save your spot because we expect to sell out well ahead of the event date. A portion of all ticket sales go towards enabling access to the event for low-income community members.

For low income tickets please email

See you all there!

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