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Poly Speed Dating & Friending: PDX! - hosted by Lady Vivus

Looking for a merger to help split things three ways? We’ll help you find a new partner. Think of us as a poly-tree & come find your roots. Even if you’re non-mahogamous…bring your poly family for “aromantic” time.

Register now! Spots are limited!

Are you edgy? You might end up in a triangle. If you don’t succeed in the first round, you can “triad” again. Poly, non-monogamous, or ENM.

Join us around the kitchen table and possibly find a new potential partner, mentor, friend, see a comet, or maybe even an ethical slut! And remember, bi-far…consent is super sexy. I always have an un-paralleled time at these events.

How Does the Rotation Work?

There are “multiple” single-person dates that are minutes with 2 minutes in between and then we change rounds; that's 15 dates for our speed dates. During the open mingle, you may meet the other potential dates, try new date locations, or visit your favorite location/person(s) again! Everything “hinges” on how you choose to participate.

Multi-tinerary (Speed Dating Itinerary)

7 pm: Open relationships - (Doors Open)

7:15 pm - 7:30 pm: Boundaries - (Event Instructions)

7:30-9:30: Multiple fun stuff - (Speed Dating)

9:30 - 10: Poly Connections - (Open Mingling)

What's hot at Misfits?

Join us at Portland's newest premier LGBTQ+ space. Enjoy cock & mocktails & food while meeting like-minded pleasure positive people. Have a pool party at the foosball table. Here’s to hoping you walk away with some poly in your pocket if you’re not too saturated to attend.

Are you Role or Gender Balancing this Event?

This event is geared at pansexual & gender expansive folks, so there will be a variety of genders in your personal experience. This means connections of all queer and straight varieties are possible! (If you're only interested in dating one gender type person, this event is not for you.)

Outfit Recommendations:

We highly recommend you dress up in your finest. No one turned away for attire but presentation matters. Please cover your bits & be "french vanilla" to the door. You may change once you enter as well!

Who Can Attend?

The craving for human connection has been powerful in recent years post-pandemic, and we wanted to create a hub to role play & set fire with that initial connection. All genders, sexualities, gender expressions, relationship styles, etc. are encouraged to attend. We support and promote all LGBTQ+ identities, trans, gender expansive, BIPOC, kinky, and relationship expansive or mono folks. Poly, ace, aromantic, bisexual, demi, ENM, FWB, heterosexual, homosexual, pan, platonic…all are welcome!!!

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