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Virtual Pre-Party Orientation for "Mardi Gras" (Session 2)

  • Hosted by Boundless
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If you are a first-time attendee to a Boundless play party, your attendance at one of the two online orientation sessions is required before attending the party.

Whether you are a first-time attendee to a Boundless Play Party, or have been to many of our events, we welcome you to join us for this virtual pre-party and new-comer orientation for the Boundless Mardi Gras Play Party.

During this session, we are going to cover items such as:

  • Boundless Conduct Policy
  • Bound Consent Policy
  • Guidelines for Dungeon and Party Etiquette
  • Tips for Negotiation
  • and more

This will also be an opportunity to meet others who are attending the Unwrapped play party.

Note: Attendance at the Pre-Party Orientation is required for all first-time Boundless party attendees.