Nerdgasm at Threshold

Apr 14th
2 AM - 7 AM

Hey Kinky Nerds of LA. Want to meet up at a dungeon and play games?

Join LA Geeky and Kinky at Threshold for this month's Nerdgasm.

Text from the Venue:

Doors close at 10 PM, or when maximum capacity (90 people) is reached, no admittance thereafter! All play (including aftercare and games) should end 15 minutes before the party's close.


Threshold is following the latest guidance from the state and county guidelines.

  • Attendees are required to show proof of vaccination
  • Attendees are required to wear a surgical or N95, KN95, or KF94 mask in all common areas. Masks are allowed to be removed in the private rooms during a play scene only. They must be placed back on immediately following the conclusion of a scene in a private room.
  • Food only in designated areas (outdoor patio)
  • You are required to clean and disinfect any equipment or furniture you use.

Nerdgasm, the chaotic convergence of kink & card(& board) games, convenes again, this time under the Waxing Gibbous.

Bring your toy bags and your game bags, because at this party you can do it all. We welcome both those that only wish to game in a visceral venue and voyeur, and those solely seeking in the making of masochistic music sans cardboard. Threshold’s main room & purple room are transfigured: Dungeon equipment is set aside to make space for board games, card games and whatever tabletop games you feel like bringing

Ever wanted to desecrate your favorite game? Strip Cards Against Humanity, Naked D&D, betting beatings midgame to be distributed on the spot, Truth or Dare Jenga?! Your play is only limited by your creativity and the rules: genital to genital and oral to genital contact is not allowed, as this is a community event.

Since the main room is set up for gaming, the suspension rings will not be available at this event. While you can do light contained play in the main room, gaming is the priority: there will be loud talking, laughing, and cursing at dice. The smaller themed rooms are dedicated to traditional play like other parties, while the purple room is utilized for kinky group games or similar nerdy perversions.

Show off your nerdy knowledge by participating in trivia and socializing with your fellows via Bingo to earn pillaging rights from Del's horde of nerdom.

Adults 18+ Only

Sex is prohibited at this event

Tickets are non-refundable

This is a community party, members and non-members welcomed! All gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, races, religions, ethnicities & roles are welcome!! Please contact us with any ADA accommodation questions.

We seek to provide a welcoming space for all and encourage people to speak out or alert an organizer if we fail to liven up to these ideals. Attendees are encouraged to ask for others' pronouns rather than assuming. Also, this is a consent-positive space where we only touch others with their express permission.

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