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Critical Poly Q's/Cues with Professor TallBear

This event is postponed until further notice.

Bloom Community is coming together with the Canada-based, Indigenous woman-produced sexy storytelling show, Tipi Confessions, to host a special online event, Critical Poly Q's/Cues with Professor TallBear. Join Professor TallBear for a live Q&A!

Professor Kim TallBear, better known for her work on the politics of “Native American DNA,” also studies Indigenous sexualities and is a founder and co-producer of Tipi Confessions. A professor in University of Alberta's Faculty of Native Studies, she is also known as The Critical Polyamorist.

In her blog by the same name, she reflects on her polyamory journey as not only a personal, but a political project. Dr. TallBear receives correspondence from people all over North America who want to practice ENM in ways that are not only about personal autonomy and freedom, but that are also mindful of building community in ways that oppose settler-colonial norms and institutions. 

For this event, we are also collecting your confessions anonymously online. You have the opportunity to submit your confessions and questions to Professor TallBear before and during the event here