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The History & Culture of Japanese Bondage

Rope bondage and shibari are hugely popular today for folks exploring Kink and BDSM.

Have you wondered where it comes from? Have you wondered how it’s developed in the distant and the recent kink past? Would you like to know about the cultural context in Japan? Are you a rope enthusiast who contemplates issues such as social justice, cultural appropriation, BIPOC kink experiences, and the cultural power of pleasure? What’s been lost in translation and what are the histories and influences that we’ve overlooked? What is the “Kimono Conundrum”? What is “Shin Shibari”?

In this presentation, Midori shares in her signature storytelling style, spanning time and cultures, and addresses your curiosity and questions.

A bit of background that brings Midori to share this… 2021 was the twentieth anniversary of her book, “Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage” – the groundbreaking first English instruction book on Shibari. She teaches classes such as “Pink Japan: Sex and Taboo in Japan Today”. She also penned the eye-opening essay, “The History & Myths of Japanese Bondage: Censorship, Sex Work, and Othering in the World of Shibari” for Spectrum Boutique Journal and participated in the RopeCraft panel “Tangled: Asian American Women and Rope Communities”. You can also listen to one of her adventures in Japan told at Bawdy Storytelling.

The daughter of a Japanese Literature Professor, Midori was born and raised in Japan deeply loving the cultural complexity. She emigrated as a teenager to the US to pursue better opportunities. As a multicultural global citizen and a thinker in the realm of kink, she brings a unique perspective. Midori shares her personal truth as a world traveler and educator on the international stage with over 25 years of experience. She is also the Co-Director of the newly launched program Kink Informed Certification for Mental Health and helping professionals.

This is a lecture and discussion-based class. Bring your notebook and your curiosity!

🎥This workshop will be recorded and available for replay for 1 week after. Only ticket holders who purchased tickets prior to the end of the workshop will receive the recording. The recording cannot be purchased after the completion of the workshop.

Introducing Midori

Trailblazing educator, sexologist, artist, and irritant to banality, Midori founded Rope Dojo and ForteFemme: Women's Dominance Intensive. She penned the first English instruction book on Shibari, "Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" in 2001, paving the way to the popularity of rope. Dan Savage calls her the "Supernova of Kink," while others affectionately call her Auntie Midori for her cool, tell-it-like-it-is, funny, reality-based teaching.

Midori is known for tackling challenging topics with fresh and relevant insights. She calls this her “head-heart-hands” method to create a space where people are allowed individual self-exploration. She is an instructor for The Sexual Health Alliance's new Kink Informed Certification Program that educates therapists, coaches, and sexuality experts about BDSM and alternative sexuality. She also offers private coaching for individuals, couples, creatives, and professionals in customized virtual sessions. Learn more about her work at or follow her on Social Media: @PlanetMidori

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