Intro to Submission: Little s, Big Lessons

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With endless classes for Dominants to learn how to express their power, submissives are left to learn things the hard way. We have to soul search, figure out where the lines are, learn lessons the hard way, discover boundaries we didn’t know we had... because they seemed self-explanatory. The list goes on. Our journey is fundamentally different from the Dom’s and it is profound and beautiful in its own way. But it is by no stretch of the imagination painless.


Little Chaoss (she/her) is a submissive serving the San Francisco scene with style and a smile. Her D/s journey has spanned 5 years to date as a submissive. She has dabbled in and enjoyed various forms of kink and perversion for more than 15 years. She has spent many hours on her back and on all fours acquiring knowledge and wisdom to share with other submissives. Her kinks include impact play, power exchange, bondage, shibari, electroplay, latex, and being taken to pound town.


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