Intro to Play Piercing with Michael Sims and Lisa Grace

Jan 25th
3 AM - 5 AM
  • Hosted by Boundless
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This class will teach the basic of play piercing and offer a play piercing demo. We will discuss basic safety precautions from a professional piercing perspective, the supplies you will need and where to buy them. We'll go over, physiology and anatomy with concerns to piercing, cleaning and prepping skin, needle choices, piercing technique and how to use breath to control the experience.

We'll also perform a few play piercings so you can observe technique. At the end we will both walk you through each step from both our perspectives. We'll also talk about the needle removal process and how to clean the skin, dispose of sharps and coming down


About Michael:

Michael was a professional body modification artist for 21 years practicing piercing, branding, and scarification. Michael was first introduced in an official way when Modern Primitives came out in 1989. As a freshman in college it opened my world up. From there I got my hands on all of Gauntlet's PFIQ magazines and started piercing. That journey met it's apex when I found my first Body Play magazine with an ad by Fakir for his piercing school. Studying with Fakir in 1992 and later taught at his school. These early years were the beginning of events that really shaped my life and introduced me to a community of amazing people.

​About Lisa:

Lisa trained for 7 years in Advaita Tantra (non-duality) and has been a Senior Faculty at The Shakti Shiva Academy since 2019. They combine the wisdom of sexual shadow integration into the modalities of Transformational Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hakomi Somatic Therapy. Lisa is passionate about integrating all of the above through The Yoga of Intimacy practice with respect to sacred sexuality and the development of exquisite consciousness in this full-bodied journey of being human.


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