Bloom Meetup at Go BANG!

Nov 7th
4 AM - 11 AM
  • Hosted by F8
  • San Francisco, CA -

We welcome, for the first time on our Go BANG! stage, JOHN CEGLIA! <3

Meet Bloom members and and other Go BANG! attendees in a private space at F8 from 9-10pm before we all dance together! We're also offering FREE drink tickets to Bloom members who attend. You won't want to miss it!

John's career has featured appearances and residencies at some of New York City’s hottest and most legendary clubs. He became resident at New York-New York, the Underground, and then The River Club (formerly 12 West); he was also a guest artist at the celebrated Studio 54, The Saint, Roxy, Bonds, Limelight, and Ice Palace in Cherry Grove, and he appeared regularly on New York’s WKTU and WBLS Friday Night Dance broadcasts, as well as annual stints at the Fire Island Pines Pavilion.

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