Follow Your Fuck

Apr 16th
4:30 PM - 1 AM
  • Hosted by Maria Palumbo
  • Encinitas, CA -
  • 32 people on the list-

Our meet n greet right before Follow Your FUck! Come! Everyone is welcome EXCEPT cis men:

Follow Your Fuck-

Join us for a full day of following your desire, meeting like minded divine beings, and engaging in powerful dialogue about designing your life and relationships. Find some new buds and laugh your ass off! Including a special hands on session of Shibari and boudoir photography!

This is an event for people who identify with the female experience including trans, non-binary, fems, women. Please respect the intention of this space. If you are a cis man who joins this event, you will be removed.


What to expect:


9:30am - Open doors


10am - Welcome circle begins and doors are CLOSED


10:30am- Breakout sessions begin


1pm - Lunch (Spread provided)


1:30pm - Breakout sessions


6pm- Day ends.



It is time for the hottest, most nurturing gathering in San Diego! The best fuck around.


We proudly present Follow Your Fuck™- Full Day Workshop with Maria Palumbo.


You want a community to laugh your ass off.


You want to know what you desire and receive it, blowing your mind.


You want to be nourished by every inch of you. Devoured from head to toe.


You want crystal clear clarity, feeling the bubbles from champagne in your heart as you follow your turn on.


You want to be a part of something big.


Anointed by your own literal or metaphorical pu$$y juice.


We got you.


Maria Palumbo and her team are curating a one day experience, a special taste of something big to come. It feels like eating a chocolate truffle. Slowly.

Bite after bite.


Each inch of:


Your passion 💥


Your FUCK NO 💥


Next Follow Your Fuck: May 5th

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