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ConnExploration Salon by humhum x Think Olio

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humhum & Olio are hosting an experience that weaves together an engaging mind-body class + guided intentional dialogue to foster connection.

humhum and Think Olio are collaborating to bring you the best of our worlds; an experience centered on education, community, mindfulness and meaningful connection!

We're hosting a unique two-hour virtual connection experience that weaves together an engaging and informative themed topic led by Olio Instructor and Yoga Teacher Nikki Calonge and the team at humhum with breath, mindfulness, movement, and guided conscious dialogue to invite meaningful, and playful exchanges with other attendees.

*BIPoC Individuals, you're invited to use the discount code BIPOC for 25% off your ticket.

About the discovery topic:

Belief Lives in the Body—Ways to communicate and share the corporeal in the online space

How do we affect each other when we are not in the same physical space? Distance learning has become a necessity for many, from the institutional to the recreational. The online learning industry is projected to pass $370 billion by 2026 and closures of many brick-and-mortar fitness centers have asked the exercise and movement industry to pivot to online and hybrid models. As educators and students who work with the body, how do we reach across this digital space and affect one another practically, mystically, and authentically?

In this experience we will play with techniques for how to teach and learn the body online. Using Katonah Yoga theory, a decolonization lens, and a creative arts healing process, we’ll unravel and re-wrap why it is we do what we do and where that emerges from within. Be prepared for the reflective, the conversational, and the experiential. This workshop is specially designed for teachers and students who work with the body. If you are a yoga teacher, martial artist, movement student, embodiment coach, dance instructor, anything beyond and in-between, we hope you can join us. How do we prepare for distance and continue to strengthen the connection of our bodies as we expand and contract in our environments, including spilling into the digital world?

How the evening will flow:

We kick off with an ice-breaker, and then jump into a 20-minute themed lecture (theme and instructor coming soon)

Following the lecture, humhum will facilitate and you'll break off into small groups to explore a theme-based prompt to deepen your understanding of the topic offered, and build new connections with others in the community. Throughout the experience you'll flow in and out of the large group for sharing and q+a and small groups to connect with new people more deeply. humhum facilitators offer guided mindfulness and breath practices to center you in yourself as you connect with new people.

humhum's jam is removing friction from forming new connections; we offer a topic, keep time, let you know who speaks when, and how to keep in touch after if there is shared interest to do so. All you have to do is show up, be yourself, focus on your experience and enjoy the new connections you're making.

This experience is connection centric, not dating—however we welcome both folks available to dating and those who are unavailable. Because dating is humhum's wheelhouse, for those of you available to dating we help you follow up on connections you're interested in.

For all attendees, we offer a private form where you indicate who you'd like to stay connected to and what you're available to e.g. friendship or intrigued to explore something more. If there is reciprocity, humhum makes an email intro after the event, and helps you deepen in your connection beyond this virtual experience. Don't worry, if you put "intrigued" and someone else put "friendly," your secret is safe with us and we connect you as friends to keep in touch.

You'll connect virtually at this ConnExploration Salon as a starting point to foster in-person connections in NYC.

About humhum

humhum — a platform for conscious, human-to-human connection, and dating offers experiences that bring us closer to ourselves as we connect with one another. Think mindful speed-dating with new friends, around a topic you've just learned about.

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