That Thing in The Dust

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Let's get dusty.

If you will be on the playa for labor day weekend, join this event to connect and chat with other people going. There's an event chat that you can opt-out of, and you can chat 1:1 with people when you mutually opt-in via 💜ing each other's profiles.

The best news is that normally it's quite expensive to be on the playa this time of year, but this year, it's FREE. Yes, that's right. FREE for all. That's some RADICAL inclusion.

Things are gonna be a little different this year. We're gonna do the things we normally do on the playa, but this year there's not going to be roads, not going to be porta potties, and this year there's not going to be a fence, and so you're going to need to take care of all of those things on your own. No roads, great, maybe, like, don't drive super fast and kill someone. No porta potties, great, bring a paint bucket. Maybe Orgy Dome has some extra fuckit buckets to lend out, they probably won't be needing those this year. And the fence, just like, don't wander super far without knowing how to get home. And if you do just walk towards some lights and a fellow dusty person will help you out anyway. Honestly, just help a friend out. But if you're someone who tends to do that and get lost, please just drop a pin on your camp or bring a GPS tracker with you, because radical self-reliance. This is the only reason to have your phone on the playa. Stop taking photos for Instagram - that's another thing about the playa this year: the Instagram influencers are staying home.

Anyway, pack your make-shift portos, pack your imaginary fences (GPS tracker), pack your headlamp and don't forget extra batteries because there's no store out there, except Gerlach, and you can drive your car this year so it's actually not going to be as hard (but don't rely on Gerlach). Leave no trace. Anyway, I'll see you in the dust.

Let's get dusty y'all.

Photo credit Chayna Girling.

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