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Queer and Trans Tantra: back by popular demand

  • Hosted by Transition Into Love
  • Carlsbad, CA -
  • 17 people on the list-

Learn sacred arts in a progressive, embodied way!

Come join us for this fun interactive workshop in Carlsbad! Learn to use your body in ways that are innovative, explorative and heart-centered. Tantra has many tools to regain lost sensation, overcome body dysphoria and find inner peace within. If you struggle with connecting to others, enjoying all aspects of sex, or anxiety and depression then this immersive experience is for you! This is a fully clothed, sober event. Light snacks and drinks will be provided. You do not need to bring a partner. 

Often Tantra is depicted as a practice between a man and a woman. My approach is non-traditional and we work with the energy body so your gender assigned at birth is totally irrelevant in this practice. 

This event is specifically for those who identify as queer in some way. This is not a dating event and is not specifically focused on sex or sexual activity. 

The practices include but are not limited to: shamanic/tantric breathwork, eyegazing, energetic switching dynamics, theory and method, sacred tantric touch, and more!

We will be doing some embodiment practices which teach us how to access the energy and auric bodies. There will also be a guided shamanic breathwork meditation/journey as well as an introduction to tantric touch. 

Tickets can be purchased below. If proce is an obstacle please dm me and you will receive a $10 discount coupon code. 

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