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Nightmare Before XXXMas @ Roleplay Philly

  • Hosted by Roleplay Philly
  • Philadelphia, PA -

RolePlay's Nightmare Before XXXMas

A bewitching 🧙🏽and enchanting 🪄atmosphere descends upon the NIGHTMARE 👹 BEFORE CHRISTMAS 🎄PLAY PARTY at ROLEPLAY PHILLY🏙️ where adults come together for a night 🌃 of darkly whimsical exploration 🗺️ and sensual fantasy 🦄. 

We ask attendees arrive donning an imaginative 💭blend of gothic 🗝️ elegance 🎩 and seductive ❤️‍🔥allure, as they bring to life characters from the beloved tale 📖.

Throughout the venue, you will find hidden corners and private 🤐 & semi private 🤫 areas offer intimate spaces for whispered conversations and more private interactions, enabling attendees to explore their fantasies 🦄within an atmosphere of mutual respect and consent. The NIGHTMARE 👹 BEFORE CHRISTMAS 🎄PLAY PARTY at ROLEPLAY PHILLY🏙️embraces a culture of open exploration 🗺️, where individuals and couples unite to celebrate their passions while appreciating the imaginative and otherworldly 🌎.

As the night unfolds, a sense of enchantment 🪄and exhilaration 🤩will permeate the air, reminding all present that pleasure can be an ethereal journey that blurs the boundaries of reality 🌍 and fantasy 🦄. 

This event is a tribute to the magic 🔮of imagination 💭and the allure of the unknown ❓, inviting all to step into a world 🌎 where the hauntingly 👻 beautiful 😻and the sensually captivating converge, leaving indelible memories that linger long after the moonlight 🌖fades.

☞☞☞Location Information☜☜☜

2533 Emery Street Philadelphia, PA 19125 |  |  215-326-9350

Fridays 9pm to 3am (last entry at 1am)

This 6,000 square feet building features 2 floors with the top floor as a lounge area to start the evening and to mingle with new and old friends. The entire complex has an amazing sound and light system where the DJ plays all the top music from today and yesterday. There is plenty of FREE and SAFE parking just across the street. We accept cash and credit cards. We also have an ATM inside the building. 

We do not allow phones pass the check in area. You can leave your phone in your car or we can check it for you. You may check on it throughout the night. Free coat/bag check. Lockers are available at a first come, first serve basis and you must bring your own lock.

RolePlay Philly is a private lounge that offers an intimate space for more discreet interactions allowing attendees to explore their desires in a comfortable and respectful environment. We want people who are open-minded with mutual consent, where individuals embrace their fantasies and curiosities while upholding a culture of respect and consent. As the evening unfolds and you experience a sense of liberation and excitement that pervades the atmosphere, it is reminding everyone that the pursuit of pleasure can be both a stimulating and respectful exploration of desires within the boundaries of a welcoming and inclusive community.


Dress to impress & excellent hygiene is a must.

Casual, clean... sexy club wear, dress slacks or jeans, nice and clean shoes.

No basic t-shirts, muscle t's, athletic wear, hoodies, hats, everyday jeans or flip flops.


Roleplay Memberships are for each individual. We do not have Couple's Memberships. If you are coming as a couple, both of you will need to have a membership. 

Club and Website Access for One Year $50 | Club Only Access for One Year $25

☞☞☞Ticket Prices☜☜☜

$40 per person

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